B Simone Launches A Cosmetic Line

Simone revealed in a Youtube video the process of starting her beauty line. She was introduced into the beauty line industry by her manager while visiting China. Which she does one per year. Simone is a licensed cosmetologist and has always wanted to launch her own brand. She states that she wanted to find the perfect lip gloss with the perfect pigment and texture.

A perfect lip gloss for Simone does not include that sticky feeling when applying the gloss, but instead a smooth finish. 

She considers herself to be hands on and directly part of the branding and packaging process. 

Simone had to make a confession. She thought the process would be easy and quickly learned that it was not going to be an overnight success story. Whenever she changed one sample of her product, it could take weeks to get it back into the United States. She struggled with the perfect formula of success and learned that she had to find a new factory. One that will allow her to start off from scratch and find the right fit. 

During launch, she decided to throw a private party with a bunch of her close friends. Some of the attendees were colleagues from the Wild N Out cast. She also invited some other celebrity guests like K Camp, Brii Renees and Marissa.

Her cosmetic line includes a wide array of matte colors, lip liners and lip gloss to enhance the natural beauty of women all over the world. After launching, this actress and comedian reached a whopping $100,000 in sales 24 hours after Black Friday. 

Her line was only available at bsimonebeauty.com, however, she crushed it in sales. Her followers could also be part of the reason for success. She has over 3.8 million followers. However, her success does not only revolve around the beauty industry. She has an ultimate goal of being an actress and movie star. When she released a freestyle video skit, she received over 1.6 million views in the first 2 days.

B. Simone was very open about her doubts. At first, everything started to look “difficult”. But she stood strong to her faith and took it one day at a time to meet her goal. Her following ( including some big stars like Chris Brown) kept her motivated. Her team and manager made sure to keep her on the path to success and comfortable enough to proceed. 

Ironically, this was not her first rodeo. She has many other talents. She hosted Will Smith’s birthday party and starred in a VH1 series with Chilli, Lil Kim, and Mya. Simone is an all around entrepreneur. Not only is she in the cosmetic industry, but she also released new music and had a comedy tour with Martin Lawrence in February. 

Simone states that she wanted to create something that she loved. Because she is a licensed cosmetologist, she developed her formula from scratch. She is proud of her new lip gloss brand and if you are interested in purchasing, you can visit bsimonebeauty.com for more information. 

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