The hair industry is very competitive, so you have to be on top of your game when
promoting in a crowded market. With so many options, people are looking for a
business they can trust and rely on. 

So how can a business owner stand out? The answer is: Branding. When people
see your brand they will choose you based on some specific characteristics.
Below is a list of ways for you to enhance your brand and help your online hair
business. However, be advised. Branding your business will take time. But if
you follow these tips, you can make a memorable mark in the industry.

Branding Your Business Is More Than A Logo

Yes, your goal is to have a nice logo that will stand out and represent your
business. Choose a symbol that will reflect your intentions to buy and sell
hair along with your business values. Your logo is the first thing a customer
will see (in most cases) when they visit your online store. So make your mark

Your Packaging Matters

What is the first thing you see when purchasing a product? Packaging! Your logo and
packaging needs to grab the attention of your customers. By choosing a
professional and elegant design, you will have a great start on building your

High-Quality Products

When someone purchases from you, you want them to keep coming back. Purchasing or
creating products of poor quality is the quickest way to ruin your brand. With
so many brands selling hair, it is important to offer top-notch quality. Take
it a step further and test your hair products by ordering samples. This way you
will know what you are selling and can stand by the quality.


For your brand, testimonials can go a long way. Testimonials are a reliable source
from past customers and offer a boost of credibility to your business. Don’t be
afraid to ask for a review. Some customers love giving their opinions on
purchased products and services. 

You can email them requesting feedback on a purchase, offer a discount for a social
media post, or ask for a testimonial. 

Become An Expert In Your Field

Research and find out what questions your consumer may have and then write about it.
Become an expert by helping them understand how the buy and sell
hair industry works. Share information about the different types of hair,
how to sell hair bundles, understanding basic terminology, and healthy
hair care ideas. Use your expertise as another form of marketing and gain new

Use Social Media

When creating a strong brand, consistency is key. Post on multiple social media
platforms and do it regularly. Don’t just post product photos, but also post
images that will entice them to visit your website or online shopping platform.
Create posts that are shareable and have your brand name added to them. 

Create Videos With Relevant Content 

This is the era of video. In a world full of internet access, people are gaining
short attention spans and would rather watch a video versus reading. Capture
their attention with a video. 

Excellent Customer Service

Buyers love to know they are taken care of. Show off your great customer service
skills by resolving issues fast, communicating properly and offering help when

Vendor Opportunities

Vendor opportunities will help you gain visibility fast within your target market.  By using a vendor opportunities you will reach different demographics and produce more sales.

Selling on multiple platforms

Selling on other platforms such as Chateau of Hair will increase your sales from a high traffic channel and acquire your company new customers. Keep in mind, many people prefer to shopping via marketplaces, its all about the all in one aspect. Marketplaces offer a single checkout and fulfillment support and creates an seamless experience for buys. If you are interested and ready to build up your brand, then contact Chateau Of Hair. We would enjoy hearing from you.