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Small-Business Owners Highly Engaged in 2020 Election

Sixty percent of small business owners state that they are highly engaged with the 2020 presidential election campaign.

While 60% of them approve of Donald Trump’s presidency and over 50% feel that their business would be better off if he was re-elected.

However, these numbers are based on a survey made in January. The online survey represented business owners who had annual revenue between $50,000 to 25 million dollars.

Nevertheless, these findings were discovered way before the covid outbreak. So, the question is: What is the current opinion of small business owners.

During this election year, the business owner’s primary issue revolves around taxes. There is a list of six public policy taxes or issues that would need special attention. When asked which party would do a better job at handling these six issues; business owners said that they would more likely bring favor to the Republican party for taxes, tariffs, and immigration. However, for the Democratic party, they were more engaged with climate change and healthcare.

So, What Kind of Help Can the Election Bring to Business Owners?

This would depend on who wins the election. The Republican party and the Democratic party have two different opinions on how to repair the economy.

During the debates, Trump’s vision was centered around reopening the country as quickly as possible so that small business owners can still survive and thrive during the epidemic. Even though this may be true, we have discovered even after the election that the vaccine is still questionable.

It is a scary time for small business owners and the general public as a whole. Yelp estimates that 60% of the businesses that have closed their doors, will never reopen again. This is disturbing to the economy.

It is obvious, that the election brings optimism and hope towards our current conditions. 

What Does a Small Business Need to Survive Right Now?

A lot of business owners are facing a massive decline in their bottom line. The virus is not only affecting people’s health but also affecting their wealth. One business stated that it has lost 95% of its revenue this year. That is a massive loss, especially if you are unable to accommodate your workers. 

Some owners can depend on their savings for relief, but others are headed for misfortune.

With the right financial support and guidelines to keep these businesses open, we can avoid an economic shutdown. However, this will depend on the government stepping in and properly assisting with their development.

Black Friday and Where Did It Originally Come From?

The Friday after Thanksgiving! Why is it one of the busiest shopping days ever? Why is Black Friday an event based on shopping at stores for a low price? This question has a few explanations. The backstory for Black Friday is considered an event because it is the day after Thanksgiving when stores reopen and become profitable. The term “black” is a profitable term frequently used by investors. However, what you don’t know is that 145 years ago the term was used in New York and had nothing to do with Christmas shopping.

Investors named Jay Gould and Jim Fisk were two financial masterminds that decided to scam the gold market and drive up the price of gold for weeks. However, when President Grant caught wind of their scam, he counteracted it by flooding the market with gold. This was a detrimental effect on the economy causing a crash. But this is long before the Black Friday we know ever existed.

The Black Friday that we are accustomed to originated in Philadelphia. During this time, there was a traditional football game that was played every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This event caused tourist and shoppers to flood the cities and overcrowd retail stores. Soon after the term was used to reference the post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas shopping frenzy that was developed in the ’80s.

You will also come across a Black Friday description that pertains to businesses going from red to black. It is stated that during the year businesses are in red until the holidays. And during this time, they go into a black zone which is described as a surge in cash flow for the retailers.

Where Can I Find the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

Are you planning to shop for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, then you are not alone. Here are some tips that you can follow to get the best pricing for your holiday shopping.

The closer we get to Christmas; shoppers are looking for ways to save money and get the best gifts for their family and friends. Since online shopping is a great way to purchase items without interacting with a bunch of individuals; it is a popular option.

Nevertheless, Black Friday may be a bit different than it usually is, especially due to Coronavirus. However, Cyber Monday is still a great way to advertise your business and to shop online with other business owners. According to an industry analyst, nearly 60% of shoppers prefer shopping online during Cyber Monday than they would on Black Friday.

The best way to get the most suitable price for your Christmas gifts is listed below.

1. Use a browser extension like Honey to assist during your Cyber Monday shopping experience.

2. You can also set up price alerts for the items that you’re interested in. A great option would be an app called Slickdeals. This app will allow you to set up price alerts and notifications for specific products or brands that you are interested in.

3. Be diligent in comparing prices. By thoroughly comparing prices you can save an additional 5 to 10%. Some apps allow you to do this from their platform. However, with a little research, you will be able to ensure that you’re getting the best deal for shipping, price availability, and package deals.

Facebook Groups

Social media has been growing constantly and  is the most commonly used by marketers and business owners. A lot of macro or micro businesses are interested in the potential behind using Facebook groups lately. A Facebook group can offer higher exposure to increase their customers and target markets. 

Facebook groups collaborate and discuss many things. It may be helpful for you and your business depending on your case.

Posting on Facebook groups is like having a discussion or a forum with the members or you can introduce your business to them. It is the platform for people with the same interest, they can trade information easily and give tips with each other.

Pros of Facebook Groups.

  • It creates community. Using facebook group platforms is one way to form a community around your business quickly. This can also increase the perceived value of your offerings or services.
  • You can get ideas. You can collaborate and share ideas with the community in the group. As a business owner you can ask for feedback and get ideas on how to improve and modify your products or services.
  • Social proof. If a customer is still trying to decide whether to buy your product and comes across a referral in a facebook group, many users there will feel more comfortable with buying from you. 
  • More accessible. Having and joining Facebook groups makes your products more relateable to your customers and target market.
  • It allows you to post announcements. You can post your product or services on the Facebook page and engage with the members inside.

There are many benefits when using Facebook groups but these are the most relevant. Now, let’s talk about some cons.

Cons of Facebook groups.

  • It is not good for formal support. It may be good for peer-to-peer support but it is a terrible way for offering formal support to your customers. 
  • Facebook groups cannot be searched in Google searches, unlike having a Facebook page.
  • Facebook groups don’t provide insights and analytics about the activity of the group.
  • Approval for request. When joining a Facebook group you need to wait for the approval of the admin to be a member. 

If you want to use Facebook group as a platform for your business just think about the details. But overall, Facebook groups can be a good way to reach a certain community that is more engaging and have informative content that can help your business.

Social Distancing in the Hair and Beauty Industry

Some areas are beginning to lift the strict regulations for lockdown, however, questions on how to regulate social distancing  how to  Beauty shops, nail shops, and beauty spas can be a high risk for coronavirus, which has killed many people worldwide since

the start of this year.

However, a lot of beauty shops and beauty stores are proactively planning and discussing on how to safely prepare for reopening. Even though aestheticians need to be physically close to their customers; salons and beauty stores can offer a better solution

to improve social distancing. They can create distancing by offering space between chairs and make sure their clients are seated and treated individually.

And because of the presence of Covid-19, beauty salons and shops raised the bar for cleanliness to an exceptional level. It is especially applicable to hairdressers, aestheticians, and nail technicians who do not have the luxury of distancing themselves

from their customers.

Beauty shops and salons should have a safe place environment for their staff and the customers. Important changes must be made.  This change will cause financial stress, retraining, and repurposing of beauty salons and beauty shops to not infect or spread

the virus to anyone.

There are a lot of beauty shops that have reopened and followed some protocols such as on the time of reopening it must ensure that no groups of people will assemble in the waiting area. All clients will be asked to wear a mask, or a mask will be provided

if needed and temperature testing should take place upon entry.

Stylists and staff must change their mask every four hours and wear plastic visors. Payments must be done over the phone or virtually and they must also leave the front door open to avoid touching.

As much as the business owners want to reassure the safety and that their experiences will be close to normal, clients also need to adjust their expectations.

Despite that, a lot of beauty shops and other businesses begin to reopen their shops, however workers are afraid and nervous about balancing their health and safety with earning a living.

Everyone in the industry is suffering especially in the financial aspect due to the pandemic. Regardless, many businesses including the beauty shop industry have reopened but they are unable to accommodate many clients like before. Due to their businesses

being shut down for a long time, it may cause a slow restart after reopening. Clients may also be concerned about businesses attempting to regain losses through price hikes.

Although there are many challenges and changes to face after reopening, there are beauty shop owners that remain optimistic that their salon will be able to get back to growth throughout the remainder of the year and into 2021.

The 90s are having its moment! Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new-music video for “WAP”

The 90s are having its moment!

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new-music video for “WAP” showcases not only women owning their sexuality but also the 90s hairstyle is making a comeback.

The new single WAP won the hardest visual for summer 2020. One amazing thing that musicians can do to enhance their creativity is never limited to making music.

Now, let’s talk about Cardi B and Megan Stallion’s matching and blended hairstyle in their new music video. From a ‘90s favorite to a custom dye-job, the hair moments were memorable and reminisced the most iconic 1990s updos.

Tokyo Stylez and Kellon Dereck created all the amazing, magical, and extravagant hairstyles that both singers and rappers wore for their cover art and music video. The perfectly shaped curls rise up just one foot above their heads, the base is a glossy style, and straightened tendrils dangle to one side, drawing the attention to sculpted baby hairs. 

Not only the hair got the 90s vibe, but some features of their make-up also feel like a throwback from 20 years ago.  The cover art features a talented Cardi and Megan who are placed back-to-back and head-to-head with their tongue sticking out similar to the Hindu gods Agni and Kali. They virtually resemble identical twins wearing gold hoop earrings with “WAP” on them and having their eyes closed. 

After a few days, many people on the internet tried to recreate the hairstyle on their own.  A lot of them have placed their very own spin at the updo, even though they still give credit to the video as the inspiration.

TPH by Taraji P Henson

TPH by Taraji P Henson

Taraji Henson, an amazing actress and also an award-winning Empire star; released a new hairline product. As a college student, she used to style her classmates hair as a side hustle. And even though her talent on screen has won her over 32 awards and a large amount of nominations, Henson’s first love is Hair.

TPH by Taraji is a product made from many years of experience. She learned how to take care of her hair and others throughout trial and error. Today she offers an undeniable great line of products that is divided into repair treatments, scalp care products, and cleansing products.

From personal experience, Henson experienced a known dilemma that happens while wearing weave. She states that the first time she wore weave; the smell of mildew from her hairstyle embarrassed her. In her experience, the sew-in that she had prevented her from cleaning her hair naturally. Therefore, it inspired her to make a hero product referred to as a master cleanse. Her master cleanse is a homemade concoction that she places on her hair to refresh her scalp anytime she chooses to wear weave.

She does not base her collection on just one hair type, it is for all people who would like to enjoy a healthy scalp. She tailors her brand towards every texture. Your hair can be fluffy, straight, silky, or kinky. 

TPH has products such as Never Salty Scalp Scrub that offers a great exfoliation for any type of hair. TPH makes the scrub with peppermint oil that gives you a feeling of cleanliness and a breath of fresh air.

TPH also offers a Honey Fresh Shampoo and a Make It Rain Conditioner. The conditioner can soften and detangle all hair types. And don’t worry about that heavy feeling after rinsing,  because this conditioner will leave your hair light and refreshed. 

Are you using a deep conditioner on wash day?  If so, then Taraji’s After Dark Overnight Mask is just for you. This overnight mask offers a deep conditioning to your hair that is greatly needed after a cleanse. 

This is only the beginning of her line. She offers leave-in conditioners, gels, edge controls and more.

Or maybe you have naturally curly hair. If so, then she offers a Guardian Curl Refresher that protects your hair from pollution and revives it after a night’s sleep. This lightweight product locks moisture in your hair without weighing it down. 

Taraji first teased about her product launch in 2019 on Instagram. January 29th  was the official launch of the actress’s new haircare line, which was publicized in People’s Magazine. She made it known that she was not a cosmetologist, however, as a woman familiar with weave; she dedicated features that would cleanse, repair and treat all types of hair.

Not only is it a great product, Taraji’s hair care brand is under $20, which means that it is affordable and offer the best quality. TPH is a gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free and safe product that is recyclable. You can visit your local Target or access her products online by visiting website TPHbytaraji.com

Pros and Cons of partnering with other influencers

Business owners and brands want to connect with their clients in the most creative ways available. Influencer marketing is currently a notable technique that has the potential to enhance your business overnight. Finding the right influencer in your niche can make you thousands overnight. But is this the right step for you and your business?

Online networking is booming right now. People are turning to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to engage with business’s and brands. And social media influencer marketing has gotten a reputation for generating awareness, improving brand conversation in the digital space, and driving sales..

An ever-increasing number of brands are deciding to incorporate influencers into their promoting blends. Indeed, 71% of advertisers feel that social media influencer marketing is increasingly successful at driving quality traffic and leads.

Yet at the same time, there are professionals who feel that influencer promotion is at a downturn. Influencer marketing’s major setback is irreversible damage that can cripple a business if not done correctly. 

There are several useful tips to develop your social media presence, one tip is finding an effective social media influencer and collaborating with them.

Pros of Influencer Marketing

Influencers help you reach your target audience. However, you need to carefully choose influencers who will help you and are relevant to your business or industry. Having a partnership with the right influencers for your brand can help you connect to your target audience.  

Influencers help you build trust and credibility.Influencers help build customers or consumers to trust in your brand and build up your brand’s credibility. You need to connect to an influencer that talks positively about your brand.

Influencers are less expensive. Compared to having partnerships with celebrity influencers micro-influencers don’t need a huge budget. There are influencers that are new to the business or the industry agrees to work for free products and services.

Your marketing team can SAVE TIME.Influencers are creative thinkers; you don’t need to worry about creating new content for your products. They know the best way to create enticing content that can help attract and engage viewers or their followers.

Influencers help you expand your brands. It is one of the reasons why so many businesses choose to have a partnership with social media influencers. Whatever social media platform you choose, influencers can help reach and add new potential target markets. People nowadays think of influencers as people they can trust and follow.

Cons of Influencer Marketing

Working with the wrong social media influencer can risk your brand and even damage it. Make sure the influencer is well known but also liked. 

Working with influencers puts you at high risk.The time and money you invest may be put in strain on your finances, so choosing the right one from the beginning is important. Do your research. 

There are still several benefits that social media influencers can give to you. If you choose to promote your brand in this way. it is very important to choose social media influencers that are relevant to you and to your audience.

Most companies and businesses love this new strategy because of its ability to drive results in a short time as compared to the traditional way of marketing. Social media marketing influencers can do brand awareness and visibility, conversions, and engagement.

Social media influencers also need to benefit from the collaboration as well, which can be done by offering free services and products or paying for their help.

How to build a brand on social media?

Nowadays, social media is a powerful tool for marketing. Businesses and companies now have another way to attract customers. Sharing online permits you to create an online persona that enhances your brand and business goals. 

A brand is more than just a logo or any set of attractive colors. It is how you attract customer’s emotions, and it’s worked by adopting a reliable strategy over each connection they have with your brand.

Establishing your brand in social media takes some work but it could help you to foster valuable and important connections.

Here are some steps to make sure your online branding is working for you.

Know the right platform. Focus on a social media platform that is right for you. The key is to discover the platform that will support your profile and connect you with your intended target audience.

Constantly update your social media accounts. You must ensure that your information is complete and accurate. This is one way to help your brand build traffic to the networks. 

Know your field of expertise. The more remarkable and engaging content you make on your chosen subject of mastery, the more your followers will begin to consider you an innovator in your chosen field.

Update your post frequently. Update your post regularly to make more engagement from your target audience. Consider posting on your social media account for around 3-4 times per week.

Create Visual Branding. You must create images and videos that will keep your brand’s attractiveness and color choices in mind. Create a list and write down your visual brand guides such as fonts, their uses, and colors. 

Use and create unique and original hashtags. It allows people to find your brand and share it.

Follow and connect with influencers. Having a connection with influencers can help build your brand. You should make an initial approach and develop a meaningful conversation with them.

Keep your feed POSITIVE. It is important to keep your post positive. Keep in mind that your social media posts and interactions will reflect your personal attitude and overall personality. Maintain a strategic distance from religious or racial remarks and be cautious when making political statements that others may think offensive. Always make sure you support your cause of chioce.

Look and find groups to join. You must find groups that are linked to your area of expertise. It helps and enables you to share your insights and build dominance around your personal brand.

Using social media to build your brand may look easy but it isn’t. It requires a lot of work such as research and brainstorming for your brand. It is not only colors and logos, it is about how you use your voice, your imagery, and on how you attract your target audience.

Usher Let’s His Kids Cut His Hair During Quarantine

Usher, a well-known artist, is tackling his unruly hair by allowing his adorable sons to cut his hair. His new at-home barbers ages 12 and 11 posted the entire thing on an Instagram story on April 25th. During the whole time the boys couldn’t stop laughing because they could turn their clippers on their superstar dad.

The native from Tennessee looked a little nervous about the situation, but during the entire time the boys acted as if they were professional pros and focused on getting the cut right.

Even though the artist Usher guided them through the process by making mild adjustments, the boys did a wonderful job on his hair.

Naviyd and Usher whom are 12 and 11 gave the Grammy winner a sleek buzz that made him look like he hadn’t aged since the early 2000s.

Their Instagram gained so much traction with the hashtags #demraymondboyz and #dadcut.

Tameka Foster, age 49 who is the ex-wife of Usher and mother of the boys commented that “The boys looked so sweet together bonding with their father despite being in quarantine.”

 Governor Brian Kemp gave the go-ahead for other businesses such as barber shops to reopen that day, however, Usher still decided to stay at home and leave the shape up to his boys.  

Once the singer shared a post of himself with a slight bit of his hair left, he decided to have more shaved off. That evening  the 41-year-old with the low haircut was ready to venture out side of his home with the fresh cut.

Some even commented on dope the cut was.

Appearing on Club MTV he was one of the several stars who arrived that night for the special event #DanceTogether with D Nice. And instantly people realized or noticed that the performer was out in public with a professional haircut given by his two boys.

Cynthia Bailey Teaming Up with Ambi Skincare

AMBI skincare, one of the trusted names in the beauty industry teamed up with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and model Cynthia Bailey for a model contest to search for the new and next face of the Black brand.

“The Next Great Face of AMBI” model contest is searching for black people with true beauty that represents diversity. With the expertise of Cynthia Bailey on modeling and skincare, AMBI taps her to be the model mentor judge and the Bailey Agency for talent, as a partner for the said AMBI model contest.

AMBI Skincare and Cynthia Bailey are extremely excited over the opportunity to work together and empower people of color to regain their own possession of beauty. “AMBI is working to help women and men of every shade realize that they are intrinsically beautiful,” Cynthia said.

To join the contest, AMBI is looking for people of color over the age of 18. They are encouraged to upload a one-minute “I am AMBI Beautiful” video to their social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook using the #FaceofAmbi hashtag.

From the first round, there will be top 100 quarterfinalists that will be selected on the 4th of June and it will be down to Top 25 semi-finalists who will join Cynthia Bailey for an interview and a part model mentor session.

After those sessions, AMBI and Cynthia Bailey will conduct an interview with the chosen top 10 finalists and the selected top 3 winners will be announced on the 31st of July.

The top three that will be selected will receive a financial stipend with a year’s worth of AMBI Skincare products , a model photoshoot with Cynthia Bailey to be featured in a digital campaign, and a chance to be mentored by her.

“I have always been a big fan of AMBI Skincare, from both using the product and seeing results, to watching how the brand has evolved over the years, I thought it would be a natural fit to partner with a brand with a history as rich as AMBI, and which has resonated with consumers for many years, as they look for the next face of AMBI.” Cynthia Bailey said.