Cynthia Bailey Teaming Up with Ambi Skincare

AMBI skincare, one of the trusted names in the beauty industry teamed up with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and model Cynthia Bailey for a model contest to search for the new and next face of the Black brand.

“The Next Great Face of AMBI” model contest is searching for black people with true beauty that represents diversity. With the expertise of Cynthia Bailey on modeling and skincare, AMBI taps her to be the model mentor judge and the Bailey Agency for talent, as a partner for the said AMBI model contest.

AMBI Skincare and Cynthia Bailey are extremely excited over the opportunity to work together and empower people of color to regain their own possession of beauty. “AMBI is working to help women and men of every shade realize that they are intrinsically beautiful,” Cynthia said.

To join the contest, AMBI is looking for people of color over the age of 18. They are encouraged to upload a one-minute “I am AMBI Beautiful” video to their social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook using the #FaceofAmbi hashtag.

From the first round, there will be top 100 quarterfinalists that will be selected on the 4th of June and it will be down to Top 25 semi-finalists who will join Cynthia Bailey for an interview and a part model mentor session.

After those sessions, AMBI and Cynthia Bailey will conduct an interview with the chosen top 10 finalists and the selected top 3 winners will be announced on the 31st of July.

The top three that will be selected will receive a financial stipend with a year’s worth of AMBI Skincare products , a model photoshoot with Cynthia Bailey to be featured in a digital campaign, and a chance to be mentored by her.

“I have always been a big fan of AMBI Skincare, from both using the product and seeing results, to watching how the brand has evolved over the years, I thought it would be a natural fit to partner with a brand with a history as rich as AMBI, and which has resonated with consumers for many years, as they look for the next face of AMBI.” Cynthia Bailey said.

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