How to protect yourself during the Corona-virus

During this time, it’s essential to have some kind of household plan that you can use to prevent yourself from catching the COVID-19 virus. Sit down and meet with family members, relatives and friends in the community to discuss the needs of each person and how you will protect yourselves from the virus.

Try to be observant to older people who are more likely to have serious conditions towards the illness. If any of your household members have specific health care complications or have any of the symptoms, contact your healthcare provider to learn more information about how to keep yourself safe.

If possible, this is the time to get to know your neighbors. Setting up some kind of emergency plan or a neighborhood watch website with local resources and information would be a great benefit to the community.

Getting to know the organizations in your community can offer an extra layer of protection. Local organizations will have specific information, support, health care services, food and counseling services to help during this time.

Also, try your best to practice good personal health habits. Every day you want to make sure you are taking preventative actions to prevent the spread of the respiratory illness. Try to avoid close contact with people who are sick, clean surfaces frequently, and wash your hands regularly.

How is a Coronavirus affecting products and business owners during this time?

During the fast spread of the coronavirus, third party sellers and business owners are losing big business. Factories that are  located in China are being closed because of the mass quarantines. When a business is being closed, this disrupts the supply chains in a crucial way. This includes marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Which accounts for more than half of the online retail industry.

However, we find that some Amazon sellers have placed large orders of inventory prior to the pandemic. This will allow them to keep their normal production in stock for a longer period of time. 

Your main business goal should be to keep as much stock on hand as possible. And if you cannot reorder, maybe venture out to look for other wholesale companies that are local or a small business who will be able to assist. 

Focus on marketing! Customers are unsure about the businesses that are still open and selling during this time. Make sure to keep your services in front of the crowd and let them know you are open. You can do this by creating Facebook ads, social media posting, and proactively staying in contact with your current customer list.

If you have stock or items that you would like to sell online, contact Chateau of Hair. We are still accepting vendors to sell on our website and would enjoy speaking with you about your business goals.

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