Customer Service 101

Welcome to your Customer Service 101

What does a customer want from the support team? 
What should you do if your customer is a repeat caller?
What should you do when you cannot solve the issue on the phone?
How much time should you take to answer a phone call or chat?
How should you welcome your customers over the phone or chat?
What type of experience should you provide to your customer?
How long should you take to respond back to customer emails and follow up?
What is mandatory while interacting with customers via chat/phone?
Should you ask the customer for feedback?
What are the tasks that are included with customer service?
What should you avoid in customer service?
For a customer service representative, what is necessary?
What should you do when a customer expresses concerns?
What is your main goal as a customer service agent?
What can happen to a business that offers bad customer service?

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