Emp CSR Test

Welcome to your Emp CSR Test

What is your main objective in customer service?
How long should you place your customer on hold?
Before placing your customer on hold what step should you take first?
How do you handle customer complaints properly?
What is essential if you are a customer service rep?
As a customer service rep, what skills should you have?
Before making a sales call, what is the first step?
When you are speaking to a potential customer or vendor, what should you express during the call?
How quickly should you respond to customers complaints in email?
How quickly should you respond in the chat?
How can you establish the type of vendor you need for the business?
Choosing the right vendor involves:
What is a tip you can use to make sure a vendor is a good choice?
What is a popular way to market to vendors?
What are some ways to market or advertise to a vendor?

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