Vendor Test

Welcome to your Vendor Test

What are the two leading factors that will nourish a healthy business relationship?
What are two of the most common business relationships?
What method includes a lot of contact with other individuals whom are like minded and would purchase your products?
What is a secret method to help you build your brand without being to "salesy"?
How can you settle an dispute accordingly?
How can you avoid making promises you can't keep?
Why is it important to track your inventory and have accurate shipping rates?
How often should your respond to customers via chat or email?
Should you use a scripted reply when handling a customer complaint?
How can you choose the right vendor marketplace for your business?
How to choose the best sales platform for your business?
What are some ways to enhance your sales performance?
What should be the number one aim in sales?
What is the benefit of dropshipping?
If you already have a product and consider yourself a product creator, which method should you look into as another stream of income?

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