Ross Launches A New Hair Product

Tracee Ross, daughter of Diana Ross; launched her natural hair care movement product

to fulfill the unmet needs of the community. She is now officially part of the
hair and beauty industry. 

The Black’ish actress launched her Pattern Beauty hair care product, September 22nd
of 2019. The product is for individuals who have curly, tight, or curly
textured hair. You can find her products at, or at your local
Ulta store. The prices range from $9 to $42.

Her brand includes three tangle free conditioners, two hair serums, a microfiber towel, a
shower brush, leave-in conditioner and more.

Ross stated that the brand was 10 years in the making, but she has been dreaming
about the concept for over 20 years now. When she first pitched her idea, it
was in the year of 2008. This was while she was venturing off to new projects
and just wrapping up the TV show Girlfriends.

During the testing process she discloses that her panel tested 74 samples to select
the seven initial formulas that she currently has in her product.

Tracee Ellis Ross stated that her Pattern Beauty brand will be part of the natural
hair movement. She wants this hair product to empower individuals with all
types of hair. 

When she launched, Tracy expressed how eager she was to help celebrate the natural hair
movement. She wants people to feel beautiful about their tresses. During the
year of her launch California and New York banned racial discrimination based
on natural hair textures and passed a law known as CROWN (Create a Respectful
and Open Workplace for Natural Hair).

Some actresses and actors previously spoke out about how they had to teach their
hair stylists to be equipped for their specific hair textures. At one time,
Kerry Washington expressed how she herself had to share her point of view
regarding the experiences of a black woman and the American standard of
business ethics and professionalism in her field. 

It was very clear to Ross that she had to create a realistic hair product that
would fulfill the unmet needs of the community and actresses/actor’s like
herself. Her items include medium weight conditioner, leave-in conditioner,
hydration shampoo, and serums made from argan oil and jojoba oil. Shop now to
support and enjoy Ross’s hairline products at

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