Usher Let’s His Kids Cut His Hair During Quarantine

Usher, a well-known artist, is tackling his unruly hair by allowing his adorable sons to cut his hair. His new at-home barbers ages 12 and 11 posted the entire thing on an Instagram story on April 25th. During the whole time the boys couldn’t stop laughing because they could turn their clippers on their superstar dad.

The native from Tennessee looked a little nervous about the situation, but during the entire time the boys acted as if they were professional pros and focused on getting the cut right.

Even though the artist Usher guided them through the process by making mild adjustments, the boys did a wonderful job on his hair.

Naviyd and Usher whom are 12 and 11 gave the Grammy winner a sleek buzz that made him look like he hadn’t aged since the early 2000s.

Their Instagram gained so much traction with the hashtags #demraymondboyz and #dadcut.

Tameka Foster, age 49 who is the ex-wife of Usher and mother of the boys commented that “The boys looked so sweet together bonding with their father despite being in quarantine.”

 Governor Brian Kemp gave the go-ahead for other businesses such as barber shops to reopen that day, however, Usher still decided to stay at home and leave the shape up to his boys.  

Once the singer shared a post of himself with a slight bit of his hair left, he decided to have more shaved off. That evening  the 41-year-old with the low haircut was ready to venture out side of his home with the fresh cut.

Some even commented on dope the cut was.

Appearing on Club MTV he was one of the several stars who arrived that night for the special event #DanceTogether with D Nice. And instantly people realized or noticed that the performer was out in public with a professional haircut given by his two boys.

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